What are the roles of a teacher?

Teacher skills and mindsets

  • See students’ work as a journey, not a destination 
  • Be prepared to be educated by their students
  • Be aware of the students’ emotional journey and know how to support them through this, providing opportunities of personal growth in understanding self
  • Be aware when a student’s learning journey is not connected to “self-awareness”
  • Be aware when a teacher’s best intentions may be interfering with the development of curiosity, exploration and investigation
    Teach students to ask the right questions
    Be adaptable, courageous, confident and relaxed
    Know when to support a student to take a different direction and be okay with this
    Know when to release or withhold control to the student

Be able to report using the Key Competencies and understand how this can be integrated within the context of the typical disciplines of assessment.

How do you Prepare for it?

  • Accept that moving away from a prescribed curriculum to a student ownership approach to learning helps restore your students’ ability to manage their world, collaborate effectively with others and become life-long learners.
  • Recognise a change in relationship from teacher and student to learning coach and learner.
  • Accept that the role of the teacher of the past, an expert in traditional passive learning techniques, has changed to become that of a guide, mentor, counselor and facilitator. Teachers of today need to become experts in training students how to analyse information, problem solve, collaborate across networks, think, manage self, relate to others, participate and contribute.
  • Support students to accept diversity, value curiosity and admire out of the box thinking.
  • Prepare students to understand the power of the human brain and to explore new ways of collecting data on how neuroscience, cognitive science, behavioural psychology and pedagogy are intertwined in the development of the brain and its capabilities in creating the unimaginable.
  • Let go and trust the learning process.

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