Start your trial with an end in mind.

Step by step guide to make the most of your trial 

Save time and let us help you through the process! It's easy. 

Within the 4 week trial period you will be taken through a process which introduces the flow and basic concepts of YouPlanIt Classroom.

This is what you can expect

Week One: 

  • Watch introduction video  
  • Book a coaching call with Tala to discuss your goals  Book An Appointment
  • Set up your school and class 
  • Upload or assign your students 
Start Week One Activities Here 

Week 2:

  • Watch video - understanding the dashboard
  • Create your first plan in writing - we will start you off with a journal writing exercise for your students - it's easy
  • Watch video - understanding your students' work area
Start Week Two Activities Here

Week 3:

  • Setting permissions - this must be done before your students enter YPI
  • Introducing YouPlanIt Classroom to your students - show video to class
  • Have students access login details and sign in then explore the dashboard and help menu
  • Introduce students to the diary and have them write at least one entry for this week.  Encourage a daily entry

Start Week Three Activities Here


Week 4:

  • Set permissions before students create their first plan (lessons)
  • Get your students to create their own plan - watch video on how to plan a writing plan - students can choose any text
  • Introduce student work area and ask them to take a look at the frameworks, chat, feedback, files, examples, self-assessment, check list, publish, etc.
  • Delete plan - this is only a trial run and will give students an idea of YPI's potential to forge their own learning path.

Start Week Four Activities Here


Week 5:

  • Complete a report to deliver to your Leadership Team or Principal
  • Use the report to showcase the benefits of YouPlanIt Classroom and request financial support for ongoing exploration into student-led learning. 

Moving on.
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Create a report for your Leadership Team or Principal

Create a report for your Leadership Team or Principal