Why do it?

A flipped classroom using student voice allows educators to become equitable co-constructors of success and support students to customise not standardise their learning experience.
Students who believe in the value of their voice and have opportunities to exercise it are seven times more likely to be academically motivated than students who do not practice student voice. Students' self-worth, engagement, motivation, and the ability to persist through difficult situations is increased practicing student voice. 

Student voice captures the natural ability to learn and is the engine to success. 

How can it improve student outcomes?
Lessons are authentically customised to the nature of the child, their environment, and interests.  It is not about delivering a curriculum in a standardised fashion, it is about fostering open mindedness, creativity, honesty, and accessing the inspiration of the spirit within that human being and then driving that through the curriculum disciplines.

Student Voice for the Learner

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