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Admittedly, there needs to be a big shift in how we approach a personalised learning journey and how we embrace student voice, but the greatest shift comes from the awareness that a better way of measuring success must follow hard on the heals of this endeavor.  When this is achieved, and accepted, the relentless pressure on teachers and students will immediately be relieved.

Student voice enriches and compliments, and in my view completes, to some degree, the meaning of personalised learning. When applying these two, a clearer path unfolds revealing the necessary steps of a personalised learning journey and develop consistency in how you plan, track, mark, and report this. You will also be able to identify your student’s readiness to move through the stages of student ownership. 

We recognise the value that traditional learning plays and believe the strength of YouPlanIt Classroom is in the way it seamlessly blends the old with the new. 

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What is the potential of personalised learning?
It’s huge. One of the greatest assets of being ‘human’ is the ability to access the ‘inspired-thought’, capture it and then develop it into a meaningful learning experience which benefits the individual, the environment and/or community. However, for this to happen there must be a shift in thinking about how we measure it's effectiveness and what constitutes success.
At the end of the day education is not the vehicle for inspiration, it is a tool to express it. 

Are we heading in the right direction for personalised learning?
Yes, but the benefits to our students are not that clearly seen yet... Learn More  

Are teachers convinced about personalised learning?
The landscape of education is constantly being reshaped and teachers are struggling to get a foothold to understanding about what student voice is or how a personalised learning journey could look like. More and more teachers are embracing this with confidence through YouPlanIt Classroom (its a swamp)

On the whole, teachers are seeking ways of giving students more meaning in their learning and hope for a easier solution in the delivery of a student focused approach.

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Can YouPlanIt Classroom work in an open plan classroom?
Absolutely. YouPlanIt Classroom can work in any learning environment and is particularly well suited to the open plan setting because of it's flexibility and how it gives students so many options along the learning journey. It frees up time for the teacher to focus on critical learning skills rather than the finer details of planning, tracking, marking and reporting saving huge amounts of time and enriching students' learning. 

Do teachers have effective tools for personalised learning?
That depends on what you believe personalised learning or student voice should look like. Mostly, teachers are still trying to figure out what it all means and finding their own systems for planning, tracking, marking and reporting on a personalised learning journey. YouPlanIt Classroom makes this task incredibly easy.

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