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Basic options
Get started with one of the following options until you become familiar enough to branch out on your own.

Think about...

How are you going to approach this trial?

Choose one of the following scenarios you want to use in introducing your students to YouPlanIt Classroom and decide what works best for you.

Teacher takes full control of
YouPlanIt Classroom

Watch the Three Videos just by yourself
These three videos all come under the topic of a teacher taking full control.  You will find the next possible options after these videos.

Video One


Video Two


Video Three
Direct students to take some ownership in the planning process and you do the rest?

Hand over control to the students in the planning but monitor the results.


important checkpoint

Make sure you read the emails which are sent immediately from the time of your trial date.  These contain helpful and important information about the nuts and bolts of YouPlanIt Classroom. You can also access many of these videos in the 'Help' menu' within YouPlanIt Classroom.

Most critical video to watch once you get started!

Teacher Permission controls

If this is too fast here's a super slowed version which I think would serve busy teachers best.

Click on this link to get specific tasks for each week of your trial period.  It makes sense to go this way if you are really busy! 
YouPlanIt Trial Report


Step by step guide for your trial

YouPlanIt Classroom Comparison Chart