How do you implement it?
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Gently, softly, compassionately, and wisely. There are many ways of approaching a student voice learning environment.  The real challenge lies in finding something that does not throw more work on the teacher and clutter the learning journey of your students.  Click on the link below to get a feel for what we offer.

What are the pitfalls?

Risks – taking short cuts

Becoming lost in the whole process.

Teachers need to know what type of skills the students need to enable independence.

Learning in a student-led 'Student Voice' learning environment could lead a student into a position where they become overwhelmed or move into a space where they don’t have the necessary skills to navigate their way through the learning journey. Or, they don’t have the skills necessary to get the most out of the journey.  This is where Learning Coaches (teachers) come into play.

It’s all about knowing about ‘The authenticity for when you need it’ 

Or ‘The authenticity of it happening when they need it’.

The best way is to have a platform where students can plan their own learning journey without compromising the curriculum requirements.

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