When you find meaning, you access the will to persevere.

Here's the thing, when you have an environment which fosters space to be authentic, creative, and you can 'wisely' release students to have a high level of collaborative control over their learning journey you will immediately see a change in student engagement, responsibility and a willingness to care for each other. You set the foundation for young lives to feel emboldened to take ownership of their lives and forge their own destiny, prepared for adulthood. What more do you want?
Effective teaching strategies – consistent with our approach to personalised learning

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What's in it for students?
The most important growth which happens in a student's life is the ability to find and solve their own problems. This is where innovation finds it's wheels. 

If learning has meaning it then holds the power to transform the world, the opposite is true if there is little meaning then the spirit for learning dies. Curiosity is not something you can create, it is something that is unique to every being and is the spark that drives desire to know more.  When you have that spark, the obstacles for learning are more easily overcome because there is an innate motivation from the student to overcome, persevere, and therefore build resilience for the right reasons. Not resistance!

Imagine your students getting out of bed wanting to go to school to continue the investigation into projects they were able to create themselves.

We have prepared a journey of discovery just for you so that you can get a feel for what Student Voice means for you.

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