How do we prepare our students for curiosity and authenticity?


Understand the power of authentic learning. 

The journey of learning begins soon after we are born and is driven by the need to understand our world, it never stops, but it can be silenced. We must trust fully in the knowledge that every student who stands before us wants to learn. They are always curious and full of wonder and have the ability to drive their own learning with your support and intuitive guidance.  

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Curiosity and wonder are at the heart of personal growth and nurtures natural, authentic learning which can withstand the challenges that comes with learning. The only limitations to a child's  learning is the lack of belief in their own abilities.

When learners experience 'student voice" they leave school strong in the knowledge of who they are, what they are good at, and where to go next.  That's the power of student voice.  It's about empowering the inner voice and developing it into unique authentic expressions of the individual and communicating it to the world. 

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