What is Student Voice?

Student voice in the classroom means that the student has an active role to play in how the curriculum is delivered, what will be studied, collaborate on the learning outcomes, as well as contribute to the development of school practices and policies. 

When learners experience 'student voice" they leave school strong in the knowledge of who they are, what they are good at, and where to go next.  That's the power of student voice.  It's about empowering the inner voice and developing it into unique authentic expressions of the individual and communicating it to the world. 

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What are the benefits of Student Voice?

What's in it for teachers?
Teachers can return to the original reasons they went into teaching which is to be creative strong leaders guiding their students to develop the necessary tools in becoming outstanding communicators of knowledge and foster the unique qualities of the human spirit. 

Teachers become mentors, coaches, and a wizards of ingeniousness.  Teachers get the freedom to revel in the atmosphere of spirited beings who will lead the pursuit of better thinking. They get to excite the power of imagination, curiosity and creativity. 

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It is about providing space for students to share their values, opinions, beliefs and perspectives as individuals. Listening to and acting on student preferences, interests, and perspectives helps students feel invested in their own learning and can ignite passions that will increase the development of future life skills.  

What's in it for students?
The ultimate goal of encouraging student voice is to engage and empower students, both individually and collectively, and to act on their empowerment in the quest for meaningful instructional experiences that will support lifelong learning. Educators can develop different types of student voice in the classroom that will prepare students to exercise their voice effectively into adulthood. What are the roles for a student?

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It allows educators to become equitable co-constructors of success and support students to customise not standardise their learning experience. How on earth can we keep sustaining our own lives as teachers and exhausting our students with meaningless content especially if they have the ability to create their own? 

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Improve Student Outcomes

How can it improve student outcomes? 
Lessons are authentically customised to the nature of the child, their environment, and interests.  It is not about delivering a curriculum in a standardised fashion, it is about fostering open mindedness, creativity, honesty, and accessing the inspiration of the spirit within that human being and then allowing it to be expressed through the curriculum disciplines.

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Gently, softly, compassionately, and wisely. There are many ways of approaching a student voice learning environment.  The real challenge lies in finding something that does not throw more work on the teacher and clutter the learning journey of your students.

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What are the pitfalls? 
Becoming lost in the whole process.
Teachers need to know what type of skills the students need to enable independence and strengthen student voice. 

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Roles and mindset of the teacher and student

What's the role of the teacher?
The teacher is there to coach the student and create the right conditions for learning. Read More

What's the role of the student?
The objective of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. 
Lev Vygotshy (1930) Read More
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Reduce Stress in the Classroom
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I've been a teacher for a long time now and later in life helped raise two beautiful stepdaughters, and then even later in life, gave birth to twin boys!  The things I experienced in the classroom giving students 'voice' in their learning made even more sense as I watched my boys develop their independence and voice at such a young age.  Working with this and helping them become strong communicators of the life they live is incredible. It makes sense to carry this on through school.  It's one of the greatest tools for change in this world. 

Tala Vos Pasley YouPlanIt Classroom

As a beginning teacher, YouPlanIt Classroom has been so helpful with time and resource management. Everything is so efficient and easy to use, from the lesson plans, to the resources, to the self-assessment rubrics. I love how it puts the children back at the centre and involves them along every step of the way. YouPlanIt Classroom is incredibly versatile and helpful if you're starting an inquiry - everything is there, aligned with the curriculum and ready to go!

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